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E-Learning System Design: Teacher-Student Websites

The University of Zakho is glad to announce the helding of the first E-learning workshop entitled “E-Learning System Design: Teacher-Student Websites” on September 16 – 17, 2013. The workshop will get run by the staff of Computer Science Department, faculty of science at the seminar hall / Chemistry Department.


Learning styles in education and training have been affected largely by the information and communication technology (ICT). The use of ICT to support and facilitate learning is called e-learning. Such a technique can be done through the Internet. Since the Internet is growing rapidly, and its applications are on the increase, the developers have considerable interest in the design and implementation of a variety of web services. Having lectures, tutorials and knowledge resources online, will give the learners a better involvement in the learning process, which turns to learn more material than in a traditional lecture. Moreover, the fame of a university and its world ranking depends fairly on its web activities and materials. Therefore, having an active and dynamic website will absolutely change the university position in the world rankings.

Finally, tutorials, collaborative research and teacher websites make even an easier technique for learners and researchers to find the direct instruction lessons and skills.

Target Audience

This workshop is addressed to all teaching staff including post graduate students as well as people having training and research interests.

Objectives and Goals

The purpose of this workshop is to spread the skills for how to design and create websites, and how to manage the website by uploading and updating target materials. This will also let the participants to communicate with their audience.


· Mr. Karwan Jacksi Karwan.Jacksi@uoz-krg.org

· Mr. Ari Shawkat Ari_Kochar@yahoo.com

· Mr. Khalid Abdullah KhalidBady@yahoo.com

Contact Person

Karwan Jacksi

Computer Science Department

Faculty of Science

University of Zakho

+964 750 458 3908



Invitation to register

Please contact Computer Science Department secretary for registration or fill the form online. To download the form, please click here.


· Full Name (as you want to be printed on attendance certificate)

· Phone Number

· Email Address

· Address (ex. Faculty, department, etc...)

Note That

· Laptop requirement: all participants must bring their laptops.

· Registration Fee: 50,000 ID per person (UoZ Staff excluded)

· Maximum number of participants: 50

Feedback and Evaluation

The workshop went very well and more than 80 applicants were participated in the event. Most of the participants were very pleased for the workshop and the subjects presented. At the end of the workshop, the participants were asked for their feedback and the results can be seen from the following chart:

The survey is closed now, 37 participants were voted for the questions in the survey, many thanks for your participation. The results were as the following.

The survey is closed now, please click here to see the results or just check the results below.

Workshop Feedback