Computer Training Course


The course offers practical and theoretical lessons in the following subjects. The practical lessons are held in very well-equipped labs which provide learners with everything necessary to develop their computer skills. All labs and computers are provided with Internet services to help students log into their emails and surf the net.

Course Overview

  • The Course aims at developing the learners in the following fields:

    • IT (Hardware, Software, Network, Basic IT Concepts etc…).

    • Operating Systems (Structure, goals, types , and the practical example of OS is Win7)

    • Application Programs

    • Word processing (Microsoft Word)

    • Spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel)

    • Database (Microsoft Access)

    • Presentation (Microsoft PowerPoint)

    • Internet (Web, Email, Searching in web, using browser etc…).

The course will also give proficiency certificates to those who pass the course which is needed for applying higher studies in Kurdistan.

The training course is expected to start on Sunday, May 28th 2013, and finishes with an exam on Monday,July 15th 2013.

Lecture Notes

To download lectures, please click on Lectures for the course.

Sample Questions:

To download exam samples please click here.