Programming languages

Post date: Jan 20, 2014 7:33:13 AM

Language Description

BASIC Beginners All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code is a General Purpose, procedural programming language. It was originally designed to be simple enough for beginners to learn.

FORTRAN FORmula TRANslator is a procedural language designed for programming complex mathematical algorithms.

COBOL Common Business Oriented I anguage is a procedural language designed for business applications.

Pascal Pascal is a structured, general-purpose, procedural language designed primarily for teaching programming.

C C is a structured, general-purpose, procedural language developed at Bell Laboratories.

C++ Based on the C language, C++ offers object-oriented features not found in C. C++ was also invented at Bell Laboratories.

C# Pronounced “C sharp." It is a language invented by Microsoft for developing applications based on the Microsoft, NET platform.

Java Java is an object-oriented language invented at Sun Microsystems. It may be used to develop stand-alone applications that operate on a single computer, applications that run over the Internet from a Web server, and applets that run in a Web browser.

JavaScript JavaScript is a programming language that can be used in a Web site to perform simple operations. Despite its name, JavaScript is not related to Java.

Perl A general-purpose programming language used widely on Internet servers.

PHP A programming language used primarily for developing Web server applications and dynamic Web pages.

Python Python is an object-oriented programming language used in both business and academia. Many popular Web sites contain features developed in Python.

Ruby Ruby is a simple but powerful object-oriented programming language. It can be used for a variety of purposes, from small utility programs to large Web applications.

Visual Basic Visual Basic is a Microsoft programming language and software development environment that allows programmers to create Windows-based applications quickly