Programming Fundamentals (C++)


Programming Fundamentals is a first course in programming. In this course, you learn the basics of programming and the basics of how to think and how to do when programming. An important part of the course is to learn methods of problem solving. In addition, you get a lot of knowledge about computers and how they work.

Within the programming different methodologies are used to solve the problems you are working on and transferring their solution ideas to the program. One common such method is called object-oriented programming. In this course, you learn the basics of this methodology.

The programming language used in the course is C++. It is a language that is well suited for object-oriented programming, which is common in both industry and academia

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Course Assessments

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Sample Questions:

Sample 1:

Evaluate !(1 && !(0 || 1)).

A. True

B. False

C. Unevaluatable

Sample 2:

What is the result of the following code?

int x=0;



case 1: printf( "One" );

case 0: printf( "Zero" );

case 2: printf( "Hello World" );


Sample 3:

Write a function in C++ to find the greatest of three numbers.

Sample 4:

Write a function in C++ to convert decimal to binary.

Sample 5:

Write a program in C++ to merge two arrays.


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