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The widespread usage of computer systems in our daily life forced us to inspect and explore the world of what is known as Information Technology, abbreviated by IT. As the academic life the students in colleges also need to be familiar with the term IT and its usages in a way that they need.

As the name of course denotes, applications are given to the students in their first stage. The course covers the learning of main applications. The application are used by students to manage their electronic-version of academic materials, like sheets, lectures and references on computers, by the means of Windows operating system and Microsoft office suite. The student also will be able to create presentations for lectures and their discussions.

The course also covers the going into and navigating the world wide web WWW, the Internet, getting benefits from its different services starting from search engines to the e-mail service and more.

The course offers practical and theoretical lessons in the following subjects. The practical lessons are held in very well-equipped labs which provide learners with everything necessary to develop their computer skills. All labs and computers are provided with Internet services to help students log into their emails and surf the net.

Course Objectives

Through the course, the students have to be familiar with the IT topics needed in their study. Starting from basic principles of IT and main components of personal computer system hardware and software. Then going through applications starting with Windows operating system, as the most spread operating system, for managing and using files, folders and programs.

Then the students will get the programs from office suite, like Microsoft Word as a word processing program, by which they can create and edit documents such as letters, papers, and reports. Microsoft Excel also will be covered for working with numbers and accounting. After that, students will get the Microsoft Power Point for creating interactive and effective presentations they need in their study.

At the last of the course students will be introduced with the global Internet network and its services and applications, like Microsoft Internet Explorer and other services, to use search engines, and e-mailing and messaging services.

Student's Obligation

Students should Attend the theoretical and practical class every week and they should be aware of the subjects that will be discussed. Also Class participation based on the questions and lectures will be expected of all the students. There will be homework assignments within the course. They will involve either problem solving or mini-project programming assignments. The mini projects and reports must be implemented using computer laboratory. Homework handed in late will not be accepted without prior approval. While homework assignments will be discussed inside the classroom. The most important thing is that, the students should not postpone their quizzes and semester exams.

Assessment scheme

Lecture Notes

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