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About Dr. Karwan Jacksi:

Dr. Karwan Jacksi is an accomplished computer scientist with expertise in the fields of semantic web, linked data, data science, and information retrieval. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the University of Duhok, Kurdistan Region, Iraq, in 2007. Driven by his passion for knowledge, he pursued further studies and obtained a Master of Science degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden in 2011. In 2018, he successfully completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science through a split-site program at the University of Zakho (UoZ) and Eastern Mediterranean University.

Academic Journey and Teaching Experience: 

Currently serving as an assistant professor at UoZ's Department of Computer Science, Dr. Jacksi is actively involved in shaping the minds of the next generation of computer scientists. He imparts his extensive knowledge through teaching a range of graduate-level courses and supervising graduate students. In addition to his current position, Dr. Jacksi has held assistant professor roles at reputable institutions such as the University of Duhok, Duhok Polytechnic University, Ishik University, and French Lebanese University, among others.

Conference Chair and Technical Expertise: 

Recognized for his leadership and scholarly contributions, Dr. Jacksi has taken on prominent roles in various international conferences. He has served as the program co-chair for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th International Conferences on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE2019, ICOASE2020, ICOASE2022), as well as the technical chair for the International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE2018) and the 5th International Engineering Conference on Developments in Engineering Applications (IEC2019). Furthermore, Dr. Jacksi has been associated with esteemed journals such as the Science Journal of the University of Zakho (SJUOZ) and the Humanities Journal of the University of Zakho (HJUOZ). He is also a founding member of the IPAcademia Publisher.

Research Contributions: 

Dr. Jacksi's research interests lie in the intersection of the semantic web, linked data, semantic similarity, data science, information retrieval, and search engines. His dedication to advancing knowledge is evident through his authorship or co-authorship of over 50 papers published in renowned international journals and conferences.

Explore Dr. Karwan Jacksi's personal website: 

For further insights into Dr. Karwan Jacksi's academic pursuits, research publications, and professional accomplishments, please visit his personal website at www.KarwanJacksi.net. The website provides a comprehensive overview of his work and serves as a valuable resource for researchers, students, and anyone interested in his field of expertise.

Dr. Jacksi is the founder and leader of both BadinanGroup and BadinanSoft groups. 

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